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Transtama Logistics E-Warehouse
E-Warehouse is a fast and efficient way to get a real time inventory report such as inventory status, space availablity and many other information to simplify your process of tracking your goods. Click here to login.
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Air Service
Transtama Logistics Air Service
Transtama Logistics provides airfreight forwarding services for inbound & outbound shipments within domestic & international.
Sea Service
Transtama Logistics Sea Service
Transtama Logistics is committed to offer complete global and comprehensive services to all aspects of sea freight services.
Express & Courier
Transtama Logistics Ground Service
Transtama Logistics provides reliable and efficient domestic and international ground service transportation in all sizes.
Logistics & Distribution
Transtama Logistics Logistics and Distribution
Transtama Logistics is the member of CTN and MTG, thus we can arrange import from 132 countries around the world.
General Sales Agent
Transtama Logistics General Sales Agent
Transtama Logistics has excellent tracking records serving carriers as their Cargo Sales Agent.
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Jl. Penjernihan II No. 3B
Jakarta 10210, Indonesia
+62 21 5790 0919
+62 21 5790 0918
Transtama Logistics provides a complete logistics solutions from express packing service, export, import, container,logistics and distribution, e-tracking and warehousing. Transtama can handle your package in any size and any destination. Transtama Logistics is one stop logistics solutions that never stop to serve you better.